The SOKONI Experience

From Chicago to

Washington D.C.

Sept 15 - Dec 31, 2019

Pop Up Collaborative 

417 H St #2

Washington D.C 20002

Visit Our Brands In Washington D.C.

@ The Pop Up Collaborative

SOKONI is a commerce development platform for local, minority and woman owned brands. 

Based out of Chicago, our in-store and online solutions help strengthen the retail, ecommerce and distribution acumen of our local businesses. 

Our goal is to create distribution opportunities and adequately prepare growing businesses for increased distribution in new channels and new markets.


We do this through education/ curriculum (37 Oaks University), consulting, systems and many other tools. 

Join us in supporting their growth! 


If you are in Washington DC, visit us at The Pop Up Collaborative. If not, no worries, you can support these businesses by purchasing through the SOKONIstore.com ecommerce site. 

Commerce + Innovation + Economic Development

(A 37 Oaks Brand).

Learn more at 37oaks.com.

Meet The Brands

  • Exotic Scents of Mind

    A minority and woman-owned business out of Chicago, IL. Shari Copeland & Christopher Cook established it out of a necessity due to a skin condition Shari developed, which mirrors the symptoms of eczema. Their mission is to provide holistic, organic and plant - based products that not only smell great, but improves the quality of your skin and hair. 

  • Hines Brines

    Hines Brines was started by Samuel Hines in the suburbs of Chicago, IL. He wanted to introduce his son to exotic and different flavors at an early age. And that is why he started blending spices. Through his experimentation and passion for cooking, he  has curated an array of spices for you to enjoy. A minority owned business. 

  • Peace & Love Healing Bath Salts

    Since Reshonda Jacobs - Smith was a young girl, her health has always been important, and she enjoyed helping people heal the natural way. She didn't like taking medication (or seeing her loved ones take medication), so she often researched and used natural and healthy alternatives. Peace, Love & Healing Bath Salts, heal the mind, body and soul naturally. A woman-owned and minority- owned business. 

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