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Launch Pad 

E-commerce Development Program

SOKONI In partnership with the SBDC IL at  Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce

Helping small businesses reduce the time, barriers, & burden of launching an online business

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SOKONI Launch Pad- Il SBDC Chicagoland C

SOKONI (a 37 Oaks platform) and the Illinois SBDC at the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce are excited to partner to help launch and build the e-commerce presence of small businesses throughout the city.


This 4 month program includes brands selling on the platform; four 37 Oaks University courses; monthly 1:1 coaching sessions and administrative, marketing, operations , warehouse and logistic support.

There are a total of 8 scholarships available, with 5 earmarked for minority owned businesses.


The goal is to help them build their e-commerce muscle so they can operate profitable, sustainable & scalable online businesses after the program.

Small Business Types

Scented Candle

Growing, packaged, product- based businesses

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Food: shelf stable, pre-packaged & produced in licensed facility

Non-Food: General merchandise (ex: fashion, beauty, home decor, etc)

Image by Adem AY

Product digital marketing & selling experience

Image by Charles Deluvio

Currently has no or stagnant ecommerce site

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Program Includes

  • Four 37 Oaks University courses from our ecommerce, strategy & operations series

  • 1:1 monthly consultations

  • Administrative: Item set up & maintenance

  • Collaborative marketing support

  • Site promotion management

  • Customer service

  • Coaching

  • Order & fulfillment management

  • Product photography

Key Dates & Information

8 total scholarships/ 5 that are earmarked for minority- owned businesses

EARLY JULY: Orientation

JULY - OCTOBER: Classes +