A B2C, local commerce development, learning platform that helps small businesses "Sell Beyond Their Block".


We support small business growth to different neighborhoods, cities and even states. SOKONI not only is a sales platform, but it also overlays our 37 Oaks University curriculum to build retail, commerce and distribution acumen to help participants grow beyond our platform.

Whether it's one of our SOKONI branded pop up shops or our SokoniStore.com ecommerce platform, we are helping local brands scale profitably. 


What We Do

We manage your online


  • Set up product information and pictures 

  • Manage all product and asset updates

  • Support your marketing & advertising efforts

  • Offer superior customer service

  • Logistic & order management

What You Do

SOKONI helps you successfully launch more diverse and profitable business, beyond our platform.

  • Fu lfill orders

  • Learn how to effectively reach new customers with marketing campaigns


  • Collect data, feedback and insights to refine your product 

  • Attend courses to help you succeed in distribution growth

Who Uses SOKONI?

Who's the best fit for the e-commerce platform?

What's Next?

Contact Us at info@SokoniStore.com

Questions? Email us at info@SOKONIstore.com or complete the contact form. 

Learn About 37 Oaks University

Education is a large part of this SOKONI platform. Our parent company, 37 Oaks Consulting has a successful University where they teach local brands how to grow and scale. See some course offerings. 

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